Corru-Packer™ Packing Stations

Corru-Packer-IndustrialThe Corru-Packer™ Packing Stations are very functional and user friendly. Shippers can pack, top off and close boxes with ease. The stations are mobile and custom designed to extend up to 24″ over the surface of a 30″ wide packing table accommodating boxes that are up to 24″ in height. There are three models available. First, the “Table 24” Corru-Packer accommodates a single 30-lb. box and is designed for small workspaces. Second, the mobile “Standing Industrial” Corru-Packer is used where a greater volume of Corru-Fill® is at the ready when needed. And third, the mobile “Standing Utility” Corru-Packer that is very versatile and has a pullout packing table that can accommodate all size boxes. Corru-Packers are made of quality high-grade plywood (7-ply ¾”), and are finished in an attractive wood grain mica for ease of cleaning and protection. All Corru-Packers have a built-in filtering, screening system for any trailing paper dust with a pullout drawer for easy emptying. All “Standing Models” have four quality heavy-duty caster wheels for ease of movement and to provide superior mobility. All Corru-Packers™ have a “Launch Tray Spout” for directional filling.

Standing IndustrialThe “STANDING INDUSTRIAL” Corru-Packer can be used with a single 30-lb. box or with the optional multi-box dispenser by adding the new lightweight two part “Wedge Insert” and “Top Fence Holding Bay” (Holds up to 130-lbs.). The “Standing Industrial” unit has a packing table cutout incorporated in its design and is intended to be used for packing over a table or conveyer. This unit also has a storage bay for one additional 30-lb. box of Corru-Fill®. This model is designed to handle medium to heavy-duty commercial shipping.

The “STANDING UTILITY” is effective when you need to have a mobile self-contained packing station. Refill the unit with Corru-Fill® easily using our convenient 20-lb. bags. Pick and pack shipping will be simplified to the max.

Corru-PackerThe “TABLE 24” Corru-Packer is designed for businesses with limited shipping space. Only 24 square inches of workspace are needed for this unit that holds and dispenses a 30-lb. box of Corru-Fill®. (Standard 24″ cube commercial box) The “Table 24” Corru-Packer is lightweight and can easily be moved around on the work surface. It has the directional “Launch Tray Spout” for filling. It has also been designed to allow for longer boxes to tunnel under the unit for ease in filling. It will provide light to medium service for your shipping.