corru-fill packing material protecting an eggCorru-Fill®

Reduces damage and breakage to practically zero.

Shipped items to not shift, creep, or move.

  • Does not settle or crumble.
  • Is static free and absorbent.
  • Reduces packing labor costs.

It’s easy and fast.

  • Packer can pick it up and put it where they want.
  • It stays where the packer places it.
  • Reduces costs on other more expensive packing materials.

Eliminates the need to double box.

  • Simulates double boxing without the additional cost.
  • Handles any weight from an egg to an anvil.
  • Airspaces and fluting cushion the item.
  • Can be compressed without losing resiliency.

Environmentally friendly.

  • A 100% Biodegradable product.
  • No shards or petroleum by-products.
  • Recycled product that saves trees.
  • Helps to reduce Global Warming.