Used with either the C-16-2 or the C-16D-2. The C-SLD-2 is complete with 1-hp. Motor, 115 volt, 60 cycle. The C-SL-2 can be set to work with 230 or 460-volt single phase AC. It is thermal overload protected, has a toggle switch, power cord and grounded plug. Unit is portable using four rubber wheels and has a specially designed tall frame with open side feed and staple remover.

This design allows you to slit any size corrugated box into the blanks of your desired width. This will determine the length of the Corru-Fill®. Unit uses four pairs of meshed, case harden steel rotary cutting disk for uniform cuts. Disks are easily and completely adjustable for Corru-Fill lengths from 2.5″ to 12″ inches. Designed to work fast and be very user friendly.

Warranty: One Full Year. Five Full Years on All Slitter’s Disks.

Shipping Weight: 105 lbs