Corru-Shredder C-16-2Medium to Heavy duty, complete with 2-hp. reversible motor; 230 or 460 volt, (Please specify voltage), three phase, 60 cycle, (motor); thermal overload protected with push-button controls and key locking system. The unit is setup to produce 1/8″ x 1/8″ x 4″ pieces of the Corru-Fill® but can easily be adjusted to produce your desired length from 2.5″ to 12″. The Corru-Shredder is 46″ x 34″ x 54″ (H x W x L) without the processing conveyer system.

The machine utilizes a motor driven front-loading conveyer, has a 16″ throat and can handle 250 pounds of board per hour or 110 feet per minute. This unit includes a discharge shoot and the cleaning conveyer system. The Patented “Vortex Vacuum System” is part of the cleaning conveyer system, which includes its additional five-fan booster system to increase CFM airflow for cleaning. The system generates a push-pull effect of air over the conveyer belt, which compliments the “Top Hat” vacuum with its 2-hp. overload booster protected motor. Also included is the 55-gallon dust pickup drum. The Unit has a complete external and internal tracking system, which guides the corrugated blanks through the cutting process.

The C-16-2 is designed to be used with a collection box or a Corru-Bagger™ (bag filler stand). The unit uses the Patented  Micro Biocide Spray Corru-Chem along with the new Fresh Water Purging System by means of a 3-way ball valve hand switch. The electrically operated foot pedal controls the flow of the Corru-Chem through the Electro Mechanical Dispensing System.

Warranty: One Full Year

Shipping Weight: 970 lbs