Sell Corru-Fill®

This information will introduce you to “Corru-Fill®”; a new superior protective packaging material Corru-Fill® is a true accomplishment for packing and shipping any item. It is also a milestone in the fight against Global Warming by extending the life of trees, which at present is one are main defenses. Trees take the Carbon Dioxide (CO²) out of the air and give off Oxygen. The Carbon Dioxide keeps the “Green House Gases” we create from passing through the blanket of CO² into to the upper atmosphere thus containing the heat from the sun, which is causing the Global Warming. Trees are able to utilize and take large amounts of CO² out of the atmosphere to help make their food by storing the CO²in their trunks. This process is called Carbon Storage.

Corru-Fill® is made by “Recycling” Old Corrugated Boxes (OCC) through the new Corru-Slitter™ and then through the Corru-Shredder.™ The Corru-Shredder™ instantly reprocesses these boxes by scissor cutting (not shredding) them into a brand new product Corru-Fill®. Corru-Fill® has proven itself to be the best natural packing material to use for shipping just about anything. It has actually been in commercial use for over ten years on a limited basis, waiting on equipment development. In 1999 the quality equipment to produce Corru-Fill® was ready, making the Corru-Shredder™ and Corru-Fill® very affordable for the nation’s marketplace. Corru-Fill® is now being made, sold and distributed in many states. Our method of distribution is through our “Licensed Distributor’s”(MLD’s). MLD stands for manufacturing licensed distributor. MLD can be an Individual Entrepreneur, Box company, or a Packaging Supply company. In South Florida for example our “MLD” is a box company Sun Container Inc. located in Ft. Lauderdale. Sun Container has been a leading box manufacturer for over 25 years in Broward County and has recognized the merits and need for a product like Corru-Fill®. Sun Container joins the ranks of other Box Manufacturers, Commercial companies and Retail stores across the USA that are making, packing, selling, and shipping with Corru-Fill®.

Corru-Fill® is the very first completely recycled, environmentally correct product ever to be offered at the retail level. Corru-Fill® is sold by box weight in four different box sizes of 4-lb. 8-lb. 15-lb. 30-lb. and a 2-lb. bag. Corru-Fill® boxes can be floor displayed or shelf selling. You will be given a free counter display and custom printed Corru-Flyers™ imprinted with your store’s name and phone number. The Corru-Flyer™ explains “How Corru-Fill® Works” and “How to Pack” correctly with Corru-Fill®.

Ask your local distributor to drop by to provide a “Free Hands On” Corru-Fill® demonstration.