Let me thank you in advance for your interest. My name is Norman D. Levine and I am the inventor of this new ingenious machine, the Corru-Shredder™. The Corru-Shredder™ can take all your Old Corrugated Cartons “OCC” and instantly turn them into a superior new protective packing material called Corru-Fill®. Corru-Fill® is used to pack and ship your finished goods thus saving you lots of bottom line dollars. My Corru-Shredder™ actually doesn’t shred at all, it scissor cuts the corrugated into the desired strip format, in which the length of the strips are adjustable from 2″ to 12″ each. It then eliminates all paper dust, (vacuums) and sanitizes the Corru-Fill® as it comes off the conveyer and into the collection box with a special non-toxic biocide spray we developed for paper products called Corru-Chem™

Being an inventor and manufacturer of Sports related products for over twenty years and enduring the growth of all the incoming corrugated that we all have to deal with everyday, is what inspired this invention. Practically every business, manufacturers, distributors, you name it, have an abundance of “OCC” coming in the back door from raw materials, parts, etc. This “OCC” can become very costly to dispose of and be a genuine nuisance no matter what you try. Now, for the very first time, it is possible for a company to take advantage and control of this continuous influx of “OCC” with the help of the Corru-Shredder™. You can now turn a costly negative situation into a profitable positive situation.

  • Immediate reduction in Waste pickup and Dumpster costs. Dollars go to your bottom line.
  • Never again buying as much packing materials for your shipping. Dollars go to your bottom line.
  • Able to advertise that you are “Environmentally Green”. Use the “Recycling Logos” on every thing.
  • Say Good Bye to damage claims no matter what you’re shipping. Dollars go to your bottom line.
  • Profit Center, the resale of all your extra Corru-Fill® back to “MLD” Dollars go to your bottom line.

Your next step when considering the purchase of a Corru-Shredder™ or the use of Corru-Fill® for packing and shipping is to contact your local “MLD” for a “Free Hands On Presentation”. Subsequently, we will conduct our corrugated recycling survey at your request that will show whether or not you generate enough “OCC” to warrant the purchase of the equipment and just how Corru-Fill® can help you. The survey uses all your current costs to provide you with your real numbers. You will know your payback time, as well as all the bottom line savings your company can realize. It will also show any additional profit from the sale of all your excess Corru-Fill® at up to $200.00 per ton, back to your area’s “Licensed Distributor”.

The Recycling Survey makes your business decision very clear. If the survey shows you do not generate enough “OCC” you will still benefit by becoming more aware of your current costs. You will gain new ideas and insight into cost reduction and cost savings through the use of Corru-Fill® for your shipping and our “Recycling” suggestions. However, if the survey shows you do generate enough “OCC” then the Corru-Shredder™ can go to work processing and converting your free supply of “OCC” into Corru-Fill®. You will enjoy the success of creating big savings and new bottom line dollars for your company. The use of Corru-Fill® and the Corru-Shredder™ becomes an immediate asset and profit-center.

GET STARTED NOW! CALL: (954) 788-7711 or E-mail: Corrushred@mindspring.com to request an appointment for your Free “HOD” or to purchase Corru-Fill® or the Corru-Shredder™ equipment.

P.S. Ask us to send you an EGG! Remember, “Seeing is Believing”.