1. “MLD” – Manufacturing Licensed Distributor

Entrepreneurial Opportunity with training to become a Corru-Shred “MLD”

Individual Entrepreneurs make big dollars in your area with this new low cost startup, ground floor opportunity. Surely you’ve heard the saying, Timing is everything in life, and now Corru-Shred Inc. gives you an unprecedented chance of a lifetime to be in the right place at the right time in the right business! Use your skills as an intelligent entrepreneur to become part of the first successful market driven circular recycling program ever available in this nation! As an “MLD” you will wear 3 different hats; Consultant – Market Maker – Manufacturer. You receive complete training over 100-hours for this new niche that is changing 160 Billion dollar pack and ship industry. You will sell and distribute Corru-Fill® and the new Corru-Shred equipment it takes to make it, to all Retail and Commercial businesses in your area. Corru-Fill® and our patented “NEW INVENTION” the Corru-Shredder™ is changing packing and shipping nationwide. The new Corru-Shredder™ instantly converts OCC (old corrugated boxes) into the superior protective packing material in a user friendly loose-fill format. Corru-Fill® eliminates or greatly reduces the need for other packing materials like non-biodegradable Peanuts, Bubble, Air-Pillows, Etc; while cutting down packing time labor, lowering shipping costs and reducing damages to practically zero. When you become a Licensed Distributor and Certified Corrugated Recycling Consultant, you will be helping companies in your area save thousands in bottom line dollars by using Corru-Fill® and the Corru-Shredder™ equipment. UPS is the number one user and will be one of your first customers. Corru-Fill® is bought and sold daily, and has achieved commodity status. Your customers that pack and ship daily will continually reorder and your repeat business will grow steadily each and every week. To learn more, type “Corru-Shred” and then “Corru-Fill” into your favorite search engines, and you’ll see why more and more customers prefer Corru-Fill® for their packing and shipping. Territories are available throughout the USA. Potential customers for Corru-Fill® and the Corru-Shredder™ equipment are everywhere. Only a low modest investment is required, but not all at once and can be financed if you qualify. Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime! Call Norm Levine, CEO/Inventor, Please Do It Now (954) 788-7711 or e-mail Norm at: corrushred@gmail.com

Market Outlook

Interest in recycling sustainability and saving the environment has never been as high as it is today. Companies have more interest then ever in finding out new solutions to old problems and are always concerned with new ways to develop cost savings that help them stay competitive.

Corru-Fill® helps these companies increase bottom line profits while increasing packaging quality and reliability. Add this to the fact that Corru-Fill®, a newly invented patented product, has virtually no competition and is extremely cost competitive with oil based products that are currently being used. The market outlook is AAA+.

Support & Training

We provide complete training over 100 hours, for our certification and support programs to insure the success of each sales entrepreneur. One week classroom training and one week on-the-job training are required for all entrepreneurs accepted into the Corru-Shred “MLD” licensed distributor program.

Corru-Shred, Inc. needs new “Certified Corrugated Consultants” to join the ranks of our current “MLD” and “BLD” distributors. We need people in all major population centers, across the nation, to handle the current interest from the retail and commercial businesses that operate these areas. We want to speak with all sales entrepreneurs that are prepared to work their area to make an exceptional annuity type income.

2. “CCC” – Certified Corrugated Consultants

Individual Entrepreneurial Opportunity Part Time or Full Time

“Certified Corrugated Consultant” is an individual entrepreneur that would like to participate part time or full time in the Corru-Shred opportunity. Perhaps this individual does not have the time for a full time commitment or perhaps it’s a money issue at the present time, but is very interested in increasing his/her cash flow and at the same time would be interested in building a future business as an MLD. You could be currently working at another job, but have a certain amount of free time available, or you could be a student that is looking to make extra dollars to support himself or a current business owner looking for something new, different, and exciting to gradually switch into. What ever your circumstance the “CCC” position was tailor made for you. The only caveat is that there has to be an existing MLD already operating in the area that you can work with. A “CCC” does not need to manufacture Corru-Fill® or maintain a manufacturing or warehouse facility nor does he/she deliver product. You only have to complete your certification training and have a current area license. You will then work though the area MLD at what ever time frame you can commit to weekly. You will have an excellent remuneration schedule and be performing the same type of work as the MLD calling on both Retail and Commercial accounts. This would include Consulting work, the survey’s we perform, the presentations we provide, the sale of Corru-Fill® and the sale of all Corru-Shred equipment . You will be contacting CEOs, and Business Owners to introduce Corru-Fill®, conduct Corrugated surveys, place equipment and accessories. This business can be a first step to becoming a “MLD” Manufacturing Licensed Distributor.

The “CCC” startup costs are extremely low for your training and certification. This is all that is necessary to successfully operate and grow your own future business. You have nothing to lose, unless you don’t call today to find out more about this program, Corru-Fill®, and the new Corru-Shred equipment. It will be a little bit of your time well spent to secure an exceptional future. Call ……Norm ….. Now….. (954) 788-7711 or e-mail Norm at: corrushred@mindspring.com

3. “MLD” – Box and Corrugator Licensed Distributor

Box Sheet Plants and Corrugators

We’re excited to be able to introduce you to a new program that will help take your business to the next level! Operating a “Sheet Plant” and making Corrugated Boxes generates a certain amount of virgin scrap every day that can be quite substantial. Normally, you would bale and sell these cuts to the mill, and would make only a few pennies per pound for all your effort. Now, all that can change for the better. At this moment, it is possible to “Recycle”, and format that scrap through our new patented system, instead of baling, and make upwards of fifty, sixty, ninety cents per pound by turning it into a new superior protective packing material called “Corru-Fill®”.

It’s high time to discover how this unique, beneficial opportunity is changing the way our Nation is “Packing and Shipping”. No matter what you are producing in corrugated scrap, it will be well worth your while to discuss this revolutionary program. However, you won’t be a pioneer. Although this may be new to you, we have the experience and can put you in touch with other sheet plants that have already become our “Licensed Distributors”. Also, other commercial and retail businesses around the country along with our U.S. Department of Defense and UPS have successfully participated in our ongoing programs. These organizations have tested and are now using Corru-Fill®, and the “New” Corru-Shredder™ equipment. Currently, they are focused on developing their unique markets.

Corru-Fill® is fast becoming the leading protective packaging, of choice, for the 21st Century. It’s simply the best packing material available today. What will it do for your company? It will give you a chance to become a “Licensed Distributor” for your area. This distributorship could contribute substantial dollars to your bottom line. The Corru-Shredder™ model Corru-16-2, by the way, does not shred the corrugated it scissor cuts, thus eliminating most of the paper dust you are accustomed to seeing. The Corru-Shredder™ can produce $1,000 a day, based on an eight-hour shift in a twenty workday month. A total of $250,000 or more can be is generated, over the course of a year, from one machine and from the virgin scrap you have already paid for and have been baling for only pennies, and by most box company’s standards, not a bad return! It will also take care of all your mistakes and blemishes tuning those negatives into positives for your improved bottom line.

On top of all this your company can profit from all the Corru-Fill® and Corru-Shred equipment sales, to your current customer base and all the companies throughout your area that have a “Corrugated Problem”. Most companies do have this problem, but most don’t realize there is now a profitable solution. You would also profit from the sale of Corru-Fill® to the area packaging material distributors, you may be currently supplying boxes to some of them. If you do any fulfillment Corru-Fill® will certainly help you out with reducing your costs on purchased packing materials. You will now be able to increase your “Box Business” by giving your sales people a new edge and entrée to those new customers you have been wanting to get started with but have been tied up with your competitors.Now, by introducing them to Corru-Fill® first you will be coming in the back door and saving them new bottom line dollars. Once they start using the Corru-Fill® they are well on the way in becoming your next new box customer, usually an automatic. Why? You’re now saving them new bottom line dollars and Corru-Fill® in a great many instances allows them to down size or up size their shipping boxes to save money immediately. This leads to new box orders. There are obviously many more benefits to your company that we will explain. A DVD of our end-user pilot program and a DVD of the new Corru-16-2 in full operation is available along with complete documentation of the “Corru-Shred Recycling Program.” Again we will answer all your questions and provide for your due diligence. Our first Sheet Plant to purchase our equipment was Alpha Packaging back in 1999 and is still going strong.

We need “MLD Licensed Distributors” in most areas across the USA and your corrugated “Sheet or Corrugating Plant” may be a perfect partner for our program. Please contact Norm…954 788-7711 or …… e-mail us at: corrushred@gmail.com for more details about this innovative synergistic program for your Sheet Plant or Corrugating Plant.