Our Mission . . .

For the Consumer.

Provides a new, “Green”, very versatile, superior protective packing material. A packing material that virtually eliminates shipping damage, is very user friendly, and cost less. Corru-Fill® does the work of all the others packing materials rolled into one for the consumer. All of Corru-Fill’s attributes are printed on the outside of every box and bag sold. Further inside every box and bag sold are precise instructions on “How to Pack” your items. By buying Corru-Fill®, a recycled forest product, you are helping the environment, saving our trees and reducing Global Warming.

For the Retailer.

Provide a “Green”, superior protective alternative packing material for your own use and resale to consumers. You will now be giving your customers a quality choice from which to choose thus increasing your counter sales. Finally, you will offer an environmentally friendly loose fill that is easier to use, more effective and less expensive then other oil based products.

For the Commercial Enterprise.

Provide the business with a better way to deal with excess corrugated “OCC”. Rather than just discarding all those boxes you have already paid for, give them a new life as your new “Green” pack and ship material Corru-Fill®. You can now do this very easily with the new Corru-Shred equipment. Sending boxes to the landfill or baling it at a loss for the mill is a thing of the past. Your company can now process their “OCC” into Corru-Fill®. This will reduce waste removal costs, your cost to buy other packing materials, and provide your company with a superior protective material that will eliminates practically all the damage claims. Any extra Corru-Fill® you produce can be sold back to your local “MLD” at a full premium above local baled corrugated prices and will be picked up. As a part of our mission your local Corru-Shred distributor will gladly provide you with a “Free Hands On” demonstration of the product and the equipment. When you use and ship with Corru-Fill®, a recycled forest product, you are helping the environment, saving our trees and reducing Global Warming. You can then advertise that you are “Green” company.

For the Sheet Plants and Corrugators “MLD”

Provide the local Sheet Plant or Corrugators with the opportunity to supply the local market with Corru-Fill® by becoming the Licensed Distributor “MLD” for that area. By becoming an “MLD” your own “OCC” problem is reduced and your excess scrap/trim becomes a very profitable new business. Your box company can now supply the local commercial businesses in the community with a new superior packing material. You will be able to offer all the area commercial businesses including existing customer and new prospective customers a “Free Hands On Presentation” to introduce them to Corru-Fill®. You will be able to offer our “Recycling Corrugated Survey” to determine if they warrant equipment to make Corru-Fill® and determine exactly what their bottom line savings would be or if they would simply be a new user and buy it from you. You will provide positive suggestions to improve their bottom line profits by recycling or just by using Corru-Fill®. You might also have another new box customer in hand.

For the Entrepreneur Manufacturing Licensed Distributor, “MLD.”

Provide the individual entrepreneur a new and very timely low cost startup business that is profitable and changing the way this nation, including your local businesses pack and ship. For the entrepreneur that has accepted this challenge to become an “MLD” a chance to build a prosperous business with repeat continuous repeat orders from satisfied users and sellers while helping their community. To provide the “MLD” with a chance to work in a “Strategic Alliance” with the area licensed Sheet Plant and gain the added revenue stream of the box business. To provide the “MLD” with training over 100 hours and a consulting “Certification” as a “Corrugated Recycling Specialist”. To provide the “MLD” with the opportunity to service house accounts such as UPS and others. To service the local business community both Retail and Commercial, with a new superior protective packing material Corru-Fill®, the Corru-Shred equipment and accessories. To help the “MLD” reach out to the local business community, to let them better understand all the new options and advantages of recycling their old corrugated boxes “OCC” into Corru-Fill®. To follow up on the area requests for “Free Hands On Presentation” to introduce Corru-Fill® and the “Corrugated Survey”. To identify through the survey, all of a businesses packaging needs and cost cutting savings. To determine if the surveyed business warrants any equipment to make Corru-Fill® or if they will simply be a user. To provide through the survey, positive suggestions to improve their bottom line profits by recycling sustainability. To provide the “MLD” with the opportunity to develop new box and display customers for their “Strategic Alliance” program with the local Sheet Plant “MLD”.

For our Community.

Provide for the community a new, less costly and better way to pack and ship, using a new recycled “Green”superior protective packing material in a loose-fill format. Provide a better lower costing product to the consumer, retailer, and commercial enterprise. Corru-Fill’s® superior packing features and it’s environmentally friendly attributes provide the market with an all around better alternative to petroleum based products. To help the local community save landfill dollars and reduce energy costs by recycling all it’s corrugated. To help the environment by the recycling of Corrugated “OCC” which helps save and extend the life of the trees and in turn helps in reducing Global Warming.