The NEW “Corru-Fill® Farm Program”

This exciting new program allows the “MLD” licensed distributor” to make a market and sell Corru-Fill®, and the new Corru-Shred equipment and accessories offered by Corru-Shred Inc. The new equipment prospects are companies that have been pre-qualified by the “Corrugated Survey” and purchase the machines. They then become manufacturing corporate partners (“MLDP”) and a Sub-licensee of the MLD that sold them the equipment. These companies can now recycle all their old corrugated boxes (OCC) into Corru-Fill®. The “MLDP” can make and use all the Corru-Fill® that they need or profit by selling any excess Corru-Fill® back to their MLD. The “MLD” in turn, will make a continuous wholesale market for the purchased product along with what he manufactures. The MLD will then sell this superior new protective packing material to all the users of Corru-Fill® in both commercial and retail markets. Corru-Fill® is truly the 21st Century’s preeminent packing material; it is economical, user friendly and naturally biodegradable and to save trees which help reduce the Global Warming

  • Corru-Shred Licenses the “MLD” and sells them the equipment to make the Corru-Fill®
  • “MLD” Sub-licenses and sells the equipment for the “Farm Program” to qualified manufacturers
  • Manufacturer uses the Equipment to make Corru-Fill® to ship with and/or sell back to the “MLD”
  • The “MLD” picks up the excess Corru-Fill® to re-box it for resale to non-producing users in the market. Companies, Retailers and Consumers


This new program benefits all that are involved, the “MLD”, Manufacturer, Retailer, Consumer and our Environment. It is the perfect “WIN-WIN” situation.

Manufacturers benefit by simply purchasing Corru-Fill® and using it if they don’t qualify to warrant the purchase of the equipment. In either case both paths lead to new bottom line savings for their business. The Corru-ShredderT becomes an immediate income-producing asset. The manufacturer can now turn all their “OCC” into Corru-Fill® for all shipping needs and in doing so, reduce waste pickup costs, and greatly reduce any need to purchase other packing materials. Further, any excess Corru-Fill® can always be sold back to their “MLD”. The manufacturing and use/resale of Corru-Fill® not only produces income, but also reduces damage claims, reduces packing time labor and takes the stress out of shipping correctly. The manufacturer can now advertise the fact they are environmentally “Green” using the Corru-Fill® Recycling Logos on all their shipping boxes and sales literature.

MLD Licensed Distributors and their sales staffs benefit by providing the community with a continuous aftermarket for the sale and use of Corru-Fill®. The “MLD” offers all area companies the “Free Hands On Corru-Fill® Presentation” which demonstrates all of Corru-Fill’s many attributes. Companies will then opt for their corrugated survey which will show them all their immediate bottom line savings. It will also show whether or not the purchase of the equipment is warranted. The survey also shows other ways the company can save money by the use of Corru-Fill® and the recycling of their “OCC”. Most new equipment sales to local companies helps to support and produce the additional Corru-Fill® needed to satisfy the supply and demand in the marketplace. The “MLD” will then Farm all his sold machines and buy back any and all excess Corru-Fill® from those manufacturers. The “MLD” uses this Corru-Fill® to match supply with demand in the marketplace. This is how all the non-producing commercial companies, retailers and other end-users get Corru-Fill®. This is a key element is what makes the “Corru-Fill® Farm Program” work and different then any other types of recycling. The “MLD” first starts by selling the Corru-Fill® to all potential retail and commercial accounts to develop new customers. This new customer base comes from practically everywhere. Any company or person who has something to ship, but is not in the position to produce Corru-Fill® themselves, becomes a potential customer for the product. The “MLD” also sells other accessories, along with the equipment, such as Corru-Chem™, Corru-Packers™, Balers and New Boxes through their “Strategic Alliance” with the “MLD” Sheet Plant in the area.