Smart Companies are Green Companies

Consumers are now turning their old corrugated boxes into “GREEN GOLD!” They now ship with the new superior protective packing material Corru-Fill®. Corru-Fill®, is made with a new inventive machine called the Corru-Shredder™ It instantly converts your old corrugated boxes into a wonderful new, clean, dust-free, superior protective packing material which reduces shipped item breakage to practically zero. Corru-Fill®’s many attributes make it very user and environmentally friendly for all types of industries.

Corru-Fill for Retailers

Large and Small Retailers sell Corru-Fill® because customers are demanding an economical “Green” choice and an alternative to “Peanuts.” Retailers are using Corru-Fill® to reduce their packing time, their packing costs and eliminate their shipping damage on sold items. It just makes good common sense to sell and use Corru-Fill® because it is financially beneficial and environmentally responsible.

Corru-Fill for Manufacturers & Distributors

Manufacturers and Distributors produce and use Corru-Fill® because it makes financial sense. The Corru-Shredder™ allows companies to recycle all their incoming corrugated boxes into a superior protective packing material Corru-Fill®. A company’s old corrugated cartons (OCC) are now a new packing material and a source of huge bottom line savings. Further, the company’s ability to recycle and resell their excess Corru-Fill® contributes to a cleaner environment and enhances the company’s “Green” image.

Corru-Shred, Inc. is changing the packing and shipping industry with the superior environmentally friendly protective packing material Corru-Fill® made from recycled corrugated “OCC.”

Turn Corrugated Trash Into Cash

Learn how to turn your incoming corrugated problem into a profitable packing material solution. Every business can recycle and contribute to a better environment by using the superior protective packing material, Corru-Fill®.

“Waste is not something that comes after the fact. Picking up and reclaiming the scrap left over after production is a public service. But planning so that there will be no scrap is a higher public service.”
– Henry Ford

corru shred corrugated boxes

Why pay a second time for a waste pickup to remove your “OCC” and pay a third time to buy and use polystyrene or cornstarch based products? Use the corrugated boxes you have already paid for to produce a superior performing packing material Corru-Fill®? Your organization now has the opportunity to better protect shipped goods and profits by recycling their incoming corrugated. As a result, waste pickup costs, shipping costs and damage claims will be greatly reduced or eliminated and your company’s bottom line and image in the community will be enhanced. Click here to learn more about the business opportunity.

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