Smart Companies are now the New Green Companies!

Companies are finally waking up and are now using the new “Green Option”. They are recycling their incoming corrugated boxes into CORRU-FILL®.  They are packing and shipping with this new natural, superior protective packing material. Corru-Fill® is made with a new patented innovative machine called the Corru-Shredder™. The Corru-Shredder™ is far different than any other machine that falls under the name Shredder! Our creative process is what makes the Corru-Fill® the very best packing material available! It is complimented by the fact that the Corru-Shredder™ does Not Shred, it Scissor Cuts the corrugated! Our patented process allows the compressed Fluting in all boxes to spring open to its widest point after being cut. This creates a natural resiliency and latticing effect as the individual uniform size pieces of loose-fill intersect with each other where ever they are placed. This locks the item being packed in place and surrounds the item 360°degrees. The item cannot shift, creep or move in route virtually eliminating shipping damage.

Think “INSIDE THE BOX”                                      

Everything we ship is in a Corrugated Box!  Why!  Because we Trust Corrugated to protect the items being shipped Right! So isn’t it just good common sense that you would want to use Corrugated on the Inside” to further protect shipped items, especially if it were available in a lightweight, clean, dust free loose-fill that could naturally lattice and virtually lock items in place? Well it’s here folks it’s called Corru-Fill®

Corru-Fill for Retailers

Large and Small Retailers sell Corru-Fill® loose-fill in Bags and Boxes because customers are demanding an economical “Green” choice and an alternative to oil based products like “Peanuts”, Bubble, Air Pillows, Etc. Retailers use Corru-Fill® loose fill to reduce their packing time because they can pick it up, put it where they want it and it stays in place protecting the item. Corru-Fill® eliminates the need for other packing materials thus a huge savings in cost and eliminates shipping damage on sold items. The new DIM Weight regulations which uses the size of the box and the space it takes on a on a truck to establish the shipping cost gives Corru-Fill® a distinct advantage, as you can pack fragile and non-fragile items in the same box to increase weight.  This creates a big advantage for the shipper in cost savings. So again it just makes good common sense to sell and use Corru-Fill® because it is financially beneficial and environmentally responsible.

Corru-Fill® for Manufacturers, Distributors & Others

Manufacturers, Distributors and Others are now going “Green” by buying or making their own superior, natural packing material in a user friendly loose-fill format called Corru-Fill®. Corru-Shred Inc. has made it extremely easy for any company to get started with its Corru-Shred equipment due to the success of its Lease Purchase/$1.00 buy back, no-penalty program. The Leasing companies involved with us use to require a very large down payment, they have since reduced the cost to only one (1) monthly payment upfront of $600.00 for a complete new unite of the Corru-16D-2, Corru-SLD-2 and the Corru-BSD-2. Our Leasing companies have had a good financial experience with prior machine sales and like the program we have created. If any company that has a continuous flow of incoming corrugated boxes simply adds up the monthly cost to Discard those boxes, to Purchase packing materials and adds in any Damage claims, and that totals $600.00 or more on a monthly basis, then they will own the machines for a (0) cost basis. Further any dollars exceeding $600.00 goes right to the bottom line. Now consider the fact that we have not included the cost of all those boxes you paid for and have been discarding every month. If you include that cost it should put you’re total in the Ionosphere! Now consider one more fact, no further payments will be required until the machines have been delivered and are up and running in your business and we will be there when they arrive to make sure you have a winning situation. We will also train you’re operator’s to get the biggest bang for your Bucks that your “New Green Option” offers. Finally this “Green Option” is now a reality for all companies and it makes good financial sense to use it. The Corru-Shredder™ allows companies to recycle all their incoming corrugated boxes into Corru-Fill®, a superior, protective, 100% biodegradable packing material. Further, Corru-Fill® has achieved Commodity Status and is traded daily at a premium over local Baled Corrugated prices. Therefore a company can sell their excess Corru-Fill® back to their local Corru-Shred distributor, this adds dollars to the bottom line and makes the Corru-Shredder™ a true contributing asset!

Turn Your “OCC” Trash Into New Bottom Line Cash$$$

Learn how to turn your incoming corrugated problem into a profitable packing material solution. Every business can recycle and contribute to a better environment by using the superior protective packing material, Corru-Fill®.


“Waste is not something that comes after the fact. Picking up and reclaiming the scrap left over after production is a public service. But planning so that there will be no scrap is a higher public service.”
– Henry Ford

corru shred corrugated boxes

Why pay a second time for a waste pickup to remove your “OCC” and pay a third time to buy and use polystyrene or cornstarch based products? Use the corrugated boxes you have already paid for to produce a superior performing packing material Corru-Fill®? Your organization now has the opportunity to better protect shipped goods and profits by recycling their incoming corrugated. As a result, waste pickup costs, shipping costs and damage claims will be greatly reduced or eliminated and your company’s bottom line and image in the community will be enhanced. Click here to learn more about the business opportunity.



            Do You Offer FREE SHIPPING?

We make it easy, now you can take complete control of all your shipping cost with the “New Green Option” the Corru-Shredder™. Not only can you offer FREE SHIPPING   but you can do it and add “New Green Dollars” to your Bottom Line!


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